Shall we create a community together?

In the beginning, MELK DAO was an experiment conducted by the project creator, who named the MELK token after his own nickname. However, the founding group that came together to continue the project decided to attribute a meaning to each letter and take ownership of the name. As a result, MELK became an acronym that stands for "Meaningful Experiences for Learning and Knowledge". This is the essence of what we want to offer our participants: a meaningful learning journey that goes beyond simple accumulation of information. We want to create experiences that inspire our users to become agents of change in their communities and actively participate in building the future of web3. We are excited to continue our journey and invite you to be a part of it with us!

Who is it for?

MELK DAO is for anyone interested in participating in the Web3 ecosystem and deepening their knowledge on the subject. One of the tools we currently have is the MelkBot, especially useful for beginners who wish to learn interactively and receive rewards for their learning activities.

How does it work?

The MelkBot is an interactive learning tool that works like a chatbot on Discord. Anyone can use the MelkBot, there is no requirement or prior knowledge needed, just install it on a Discord server.

It provides users with information and tasks related to Web3, such as blockchain concepts, cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and much more. Users can complete these tasks and receive rewards in $MELK for doing so.

The goal of the $MELK token is to create a digital currency within a virtual economy, allowing anyone to easily experience Web3 without having to spend real money.

What will I do with my $MELK?

At the end of the first module, which comprises the first 10 lessons, you can use your MELK tokens to buy a personalized NFT for yourself, proving that you completed the missions and learned the basics of Web3.

This NFT will be proof that you are ready for the world of Web3. You can put it on your resume or LinkedIn, for example. Remember that the MELK token has no intrinsic value. It has a single goal of incentivizing the creation of a community, which can become strong, of people interested in making Web3 a reality for the mainstream population.

Over time and as the community grows, we will begin to bring more utilities for the token, NFT, and ecosystem.

How to participate?

To participate, you need to join a Discord server where the project is running. Here is a list of possible communities to join:

Once inside the Discord server, search for the πŸŽ“ | Learn-to-Earn area and then go to the πŸ‘‰γƒ»start here channel.

In this channel you will find the Melkbot instructor, BrPunk, and more information about the path to complete the missions.

The missions will require you to send information to a specific channel on Discord and all of them will automatically deliver your tokens. If you have any questions, the πŸ’¬γƒ»chat channel will be the place to get help.

That's it! I think with this information, you're ready to embark on the missions we've prepared and start your journey into Web3. Let's go? Choose a community and start the missions right now πŸš€

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