🤓Learn and Earn?

The concept of Learn-to-Earn is based on the idea that it is possible to acquire knowledge and be rewarded for it at the same time. With the $MELK token, MELK DAO seeks to encourage more people to participate in Web3. By learning and developing in this environment, participants will be rewarded with tokens, which can be used to acquire NFTs that have social and reputational value, among other utilities that we are developing.

This teaching model is called Learn-to-Earn and is one of the innovations brought about by the emergence of cryptocurrencies. With $MELK, MELK DAO brings this methodology to Brazil and other countries, allowing more people to have access to the knowledge and possibilities offered by Web3.

By being part of the MELK DAO community, participants will be contributing to the construction of a fairer and more decentralized future, as well as acquiring valuable skills and knowledge for their careers and personal projects. It is a unique opportunity to be part of the Web3 revolution and earn a place in history.

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