February, 2023

MelkBot and BrPunk have entered into a strategic partnership to expand their activities in the crypto universe. With the partnership, BrPunk has become the main instructor of MelkBot.

1. Summary:

This document details the cooperation between the projects led by the MELK DAO and BrPunk communities, including agreement on actions, processes and compensation.

2. Objectives:

  • Submitting proposal for collaboration between MELK DAO <> BrPunk projects.

  • Getting agreement on actions, processes and compensation for the core members involved in the collaboration.

3. Actions:

This is a non-exhaustive list of actions that includes the key initiatives to get the project off the ground.


Narrative change to MelkBot including references to the tutor BrPunk in:

  • ​Public documentation

  • DAO Website

  • Bot’s written instructions

  • Marketing and expansion material

  • Explanatory videos produced for the missions

  • Inclusion of BrPunk PFP in MelkBot profile

3.2 BrPunk:

Inclusion of MelkBot tutor narrative in:

  • Public Documentation

  • BrPunk Website

  • Social Media Profile (Twitter/Instagram/Lens)

  • Marketing and events materials

  • Presenting the project at events, spaces, podcasts

4. Actions:

  • Written content (bot copy): the creation and review of content for the missions will be done together by the communities, which can be through suggestion and voting, or direct creation by a member, with subsequent curatorial review.

Audiovisual content (tutorials for the website): the videos about the missions will initially be made by the MELK DAO team involving the BrPunk pfp image. Later on, with the advancement of the BrPunk material (e.g. 3D character) the creation of videos should be reevaluated by the communities to decide on the best strategy.

Update: updating MelkBot content is the responsibility of MELK DAO members.

Promotion: members of both communities can prepare and offer MelkBot promotional material, subject to final evaluation by MELK DAO's core team.

Expansion: once the promotional material has been reviewed, members of both communities can assist the expansion by directly offering MelkBot in other communities they are present in.

Bot installation: once a server is interested in the bot, MELK DAO members are responsible for supporting the installation and the initial activities with users.

5. Compensations:

The details of the compensations are still being discussed by the communities

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