Install a Wallet on Mobile

In this tutorial you will learn how to install a crypto wallet on your mobile phone.

1. Download the Metamask app

On iOS, go to

On Android, go to

Heads up! It is very important that you trust the source you are installing from. If you install from an unsafe source, you may install a version of the app that can be hacked and your funds will be lost.

If you want to check out the links, head over to the official Metamask website and click โ€œDownloadโ€.

You also need to make sure the official website link is correct. Here it is, the official metamask website is

The tutorial was made using iOS screens, but Android screens are very similar and you will have no problem proceeding based on them.

My iPhone is set to English by default, so the screens may be a little different on your phone if you have it set to another language.

2. Once installed, click on โ€œGet startedโ€

3. Since this is your first time, click on โ€œCreate a new walletโ€

4. In the next step, click on โ€œNo Thanksโ€

If you had clicked โ€œI Agreeโ€, you would be allowing your usage data to be sent to the application team. No wallet or transaction data is shared, nor is any data that identifies you and they promise not to share it with anyone. There is no risk in allowing it, but I personally prefer not to allow it.

5. Set a password to use your wallet

In this step you need to choose a password to access your wallet. Anyone who has possession of your mobile phone and knows this password can gain access to your funds and steal your money.

Heads up! Choose a password with at least one lowercase, one uppercase, one number, and one special character. Do not write this password down on paper, much less in a file on your mobile phone or computer. I recommend using 1Password to keep your passwords safe.

If you're on iPhone, you'll have the option to enable Face ID to open the app using an image of your face. You can authorize it or not, according to your preference.

6. Wallet configuration

You are solely responsible for the security of your wallet. In the web3 environment we don't have a bank to whom you can complain and ask for your money back if you are the victim of an attack or do something stupid.

Your wallet is your safe. It is where you will handle the money you own in the Blockchain.

Your wallet is accessed by a code, called a private key. This private key is the password that allows you to manipulate the coins in the wallet. This private key is represented by the set of 12 words, called Seed Phrase.

If someone has access to these 12 words, they can steal all your funds.

On both screens, click โ€œStartโ€.

7. Keep your Seed Words Safe

It is very important that you correctly secure your seed words.

Heads up! You must not in any way write down these words on your phone or computer, let alone take a screenshot, because that way the information will be at risk if your mobile phone or computer is ever hacked.

The safest way to keep your seed words is to write them down on paper with a ballpoint pen and store this paper in a safe place in your home, preferably in a safe. There are people who wrap the paper where the words have been written down in aluminum foil to preserve it in case of an accident.

On the first screen, click on โ€œViewโ€ and then write down the words in the order they appear. On the next screen you will need to choose the words in the same order to check if you wrote them down correctly.

The word order is relevant for you to be able to recover your wallet.

8. Congratulations, you have registered your wallet!

9. Copying the Public Address

The public address is a code that you share with others so they can send you coins.

The public address is like your bank account number, or your bank key.

The format of this address changes according to different blockchains. Metamask uses Ethereum-based blockchains and the format is always a sequence of codes starting with 0x.

Your address appears partially below the account name (Account 1), in a field with a light blue background.

In my case, my address appears as 0x0168...D2e6.

In fact, my address is not exactly that, because it is shortened with three dots in the middle.

To copy your public address, select this area with the shortened code and click โ€œcopyโ€.

10. All ready! Now post your public address on Discord

Go to the MELK Experiment Mission 1 channel on discord and submit your wallet public address to earn 1 MELK.

A quick reminder! Your seed words ensure the security of all your tokens. Don't save them on your phone or computer, just write them down with a pen on a piece of paper and never share it with anyone. Some scam sites will ask you for these words to recover your wallet, but you must never share your seed words.

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